Stijn Holzhauer
Scout - Coder - Student
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My projects and products

A website on the wordpress framework

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Study Project, Semester 1

Project Agile Development

Study Project, Semester 2

Apache2/Tomcat7 deploy script

Bash install scrip for debian based os's

NGINX/Wildfly10 deploy script

Bash install scrip for debian based os's


PHP code to authenticate with radius and send to Google's Firebase


What experiences I have.

Stijn Holzhauer

Student ICT System & Network Engineering


2015-present Bachelor ICT-System & Network Engineering University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam
2013-2015 HAVO Stedelijk Dalton College Alkmaar
2011-2013 VMBO-TL Stedelijk Dalton College Alkmaar


2015-2017 Kitchen Aid Restaurant-Hotel Merlet Schoorl
2011-2013 Storage attendant Albert-Heijn XL Alkmaar


2016-Present Webmaster/Siteadmin Scoutscentre The Stierop
2015-Present Scouts Leader Scouting Waterscouts Victorie Heiloo
2015-Present Webmaster/Siteadmin Waterscouts Victorie Heiloo
2014-2017 Audio/Light technician On-stage Stedelijk Dalton College Alkmaar
2012-2014 Club Leader Scouting Waterscouts Victorie Heiloo


May 2017 NGINX/Wilfly10 deploy bashscript Personal project
April 2017 Apache2/Tomcat7 deploy bashscript Personal project
2017-present Android app for The SVLO Waterscouts Victorie Heiloo
2016-Present Member website: The SVLO Waterscouts Victorie Heiloo
2014-2016 a new website Scoutscentre The Stierop


  • Linux
  • Web Development
  • Git
  • Scrum
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Programming/languages
    • Advanced
    • PHP
    • SQL
    • HTML
    • Intermediate
    • Java
    • CSS
    • Novice
    • Javascript
    • Python
    • C++
    • R


Stienos, where did the name come from?

My real name is ofcourse Stijn, but the URL for my webpage is stienos. This is because stienos has been my nickname for a while now.
Since the year 2007 when I first went to High School I have had this nickname, a girl in my class thought of it and since then I have
used the nickname.

Changes are that if you ever come or came across a user profile that goes by the name stienos (or superstienos) that it's me. It's one
of those unique names I have never came across so I used it almost everywhere. This is also the reason why my url is